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When viewing the following samples, please keep in mind that they can only be a narrow representation of what a finished piece of wood looks like.

Alder Wood

Burnished Walnut on Alder Wood Golden Oak on Alder Wood Espresso on Alder Wood Cinnamon on Alder Wood

Golden Hickory on Alder Wood Cherry on Alder Wood Red Maghony on Alder Wood Gunstock on Alder Wood

Cordovan on Alder Wood Natural on Alder Wood Chestnut on Alder Wood Ebony on Alder Wood

Maple Wood

Red Maghony on Maple Wood Golden Oak on Maple Wood Cherry Stain on Maple Wood Espresso on Maple Wood

Canadian Oak on Maple Wood Deep Mahogony on Maple Wood Cordovan on Maple Wood Burnished Walnut on Maple Wood

Traditional Cherry on Maple Wood Natural on Maple Wood Ebony on Maple Wood Gunstock on Maple Wood

Cherry Wood

Burnished Walnut on Cherry Wood Red Mahogony on Cherry Wood Traditional Cherry on Cherry Wood Espresso on Cherry Wood

Chestnut on Cherry Wood Cordovan on Cherry Wood Deep Mahogony on Cherry Wood Canadian Oak on Cherry Wood

Cherry on Cherry Wood Gunstock on Cherry Wood Golden Hickory on Cherry Wood Cinnamon on Cherry Wood

Oak Wood

Traditional Cherry on Oak Wood Burnished Walnut on Oak Wood Deep Mahogony on Oak Wood Gunstock on Oak Wood

Espresso on Oak Wood Cordovan on Oak Wood Ebony on Oak Wood Red Mahogony on Oak Wood

Cinnamon on Oak Wood Chestnut on Oak Wood Canadian Oak on Oak Wood Cherry on Oak Wood